Frequently Asked Questions

How to access TelOp
  1. Go here —
  2. Your zTrip domain UN is: ztrip\jsmith (First Intial/Last Name)
  3. Your zTrip domain PW is: (Your Password) You will be prompted to enter a new password @ your first login.
  4. From there, you will see a TelOp button, click it and OK on the first prompt, you will again be prompted for the same credentials you just entered. Be sure to use the password you just created. The TelOp application will run and you will again be prompted for credentials. The TelOp application uses different credentials, see below.
  5. Your TelOp UN is: jsmith (First Intial/Last Name)
  6. Your TelOp PW is: leave blank
  7. Uncheck the Taking Calls box and click Login.
  8. You will be prompted for the same new password creation there as well.
How to reset my password for MTI managers dashboard
  1. Simply send email to