Alternative Revenue Generators

Here is what some of our teams in various markets are doing to enhance driver income.

NEMT accounts – Contact all brokers directly to discover additional opportunities.

Transit Agencies – offer to support or supplement routes that may have been eliminated

Social Media -monitoring all media to identify community needs

Deliver Apps – Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot deliveries (like Roadie in Biloxi)

Rural Transit Agencies & Governments – expand your operating territory

Back-Up Drivers – contact nursing homes, retirement communities to provide a back-up driver plan & for deliveries & special needs

Driver marketing – encourage drivers to knock on doors & hand out promo cards

Meals on Wheels – offer support to school districts, shelters, hospitals, etc.

The common practice in each of these initiatives is to put on your “salesperson hat” and seek out opportunities. Cold call when necessary and be diligent locating alternative income generators for our drivers.


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Social Digital (Static)